Site-specific circus theatre shows in unusual locations

/ncandescence enjoys the challenge of turning any space into an interactive performance experience. We love to create performance outside of conventional spaces, work that is inspired by the location in which the performance takes place. We strive for interaction not mere occupation, submerging the audience within the performance and space, whilst taking care to enhance, compliment and preserve the identity of the chosen location. No show proposal is too odd or impossible as we love the bizarre, having created shows out at sea on a light house, in a remote jungle in Thailand, a desert fort in Dubai and the Beijing Olympic stadium, using our circus, rigging and theatrical skills.

Incandescence has a wealth of experience of producing shows in remote, unusual and varied locations. Our production and creative team have over 12 years experience in staging productions in some of the most complex locations and countries with safety and logistical planning being paramount to the execution of these performances.

We have the creative vision and imagination combined with the experience and confidence to achieve breathtaking and unique site specific performances.

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