Site Specific ~ Hong Kong

Site specific project hong kong Site Specific show Hong Kong Site Specific show Hong Kong Site Specific show Langham Place Hong Kong

Client Brief
To produce an aerial site specific show that draws attention to the architecture of the 60 metre high atrium in Langham Place; a unique, exciting and memorable performance

What we did
We created an aerial acrobatics show that utilized the whole atrium. A laser beam triggered performances in different areas of the building, focussing the audience’s attention throughout the venue. We worked with a specialist rigging team creating fantastical imagery at heights of 60 metres.  This included aerial bungee birds, giant abseiling spiders, a giant 15 metre dragonfly that swooped across the building and a massive butterfly on a zip line that flew over the audience as pyrotechnics and glitter cannons were fired, creating a spectacular and memorable performance.

What they said
Charlie Carter, Muse International “Incandescence brought an artistic flair to the project and a ‘can do’ attitude that definitely made the opening of Langham Place a huge success”