Alice in Wonderland

Acorbatic playing cards 2 Acrobatic playing cards 3 Acrobatic playing cards Alice in Wonderland mad hatter and march hare mad hatters tea party

No of artists: 6-20

An interactive installation or promenade performance. With a host of larger than life characters and giant props we create the Mad Hatters Tea Party and the Croquet and Garden scene. These performances can combine any of the following;

  • acrobatic playing cards and giant flamingo stilt walkers
  • a playing card band, and a contortionist Dormouse
  • an aerial performance by the Cheshire cat
  • a giant-sized Tea party installation with the March Hare and Mad Hatter.

These performances are all linked by Alice and the outrageous Queen of Hearts, who draw the audience into the fantastical and surreal world of Alice in Wonderland