Dreamtime Acrobatic playing cards and child Acrobatic Playing Cards Acrobatis playing cards Acrobats Acrobats Aerial Silks Ballet dancer- child Child and toy doll Double trapeze - jester and puppet Double trapeze puppet and jester Dreamtime cast Handbalancing contortion zebra Handbalancing zebra Handbalancing zebra Jester and puppet clowing around Trapeze Jester

Show length: 30-90 minutes
No of artistes: 8-20

In the magical world of dreams, every day toys come to life in this enchanting circus show.

As the clock strikes midnight, a child wakens to find her toys coming to life; a marionette puppet and jester playing on a high trapeze; a ballerina in a musical box climbing out and up aerial silks, performing amazing tricks, contorting and tumbling down; acrobatic playing cards performing daring feats; zebras hand balancing; a toy soldier band playing music, clowns brake dancing. The number of acts is dependant on the length of the show.

To hire a large circus production, please contact us.

‘Incandescence defy gravity and weave new magic into circus’

Meena Ravi - Tribune Plus,Bahrain