Elemental - short Elemental - long Water world Earth world Air world Fire world Ballet dancers Show opening scene Opening of the show Child and clown Water clown Water clown Water parade Mermaid trapeze Mermaid trapeze Mermaid dancers in water world Mermaid trapeze Water world mermaid ropes Earth clown Earth butterfuly Earth acrobatics Earth aerial bird Earth acrobatics Earth acrobatics Earth aerial bird Earth butterflys Earth dance Fairy queen and child Earth acrobatics Earth clown Flying machine Flying machine earth clowns Air world Opera & Dance Air wind cloaks Air world flying skills Air world ballet duet Air world wind cloaks Air world silks Air world flying silks Aerial silks Air world ballet Fire clown Fire clown Fire world Fire palms Fire acrobatics Fire fans Fire fans & aerial rope Fire world aerial acrobatics Fire world Fire acrobatics Fire acrobatics Fire world double rope Fire acrobatics Air world dance duet Finale Cloud swing Finale cloud swing Finale elemental dancers Finale dance Finale frames Elemental finale Finale

Show length: 60–90 minutes
No of artistes: 12-20

A brilliant fusion of circus acts, theatre, opera, contemporary and classical dance combine to create an exhilarating circus show, which is suitable for audiences of all ages.

Watch in delight as an operatic queen and an endearing clown accompany a child on an amazing journey to the different elemental worlds.

The Water World with a giant Sea Queen puppet, acrobatic creatures, mermaids and mermen on Corde Lisse sea weed ropes and trapeze.

The Earth World with high energy African dance and acrobatics.

The Air World with masked bird dancers and aerialists flying on silks.

Finally the Fire World with dramatic fire performance including fire clubs, fire staff, dancing and acrobatics, which builds to a dramatic finale with the coming together of all the elements.

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Wow what a show! ‘Part circus nouvelle, part modern ballet, part contemporary opera - and completely unique – Incandescence’s Elemental is one spectacular show.

Superfluous superlatives like mesmerising, magnificent and magical do scant justice to this simply stunning spectacle.

Do not deny yourselves their delectable delights’

Max Channon, The Cornishman