Acro-balance duet Acro-balance Acrobats Acrobats Acrobats Aerial hoop Aerial rope corde lisse Aerial rope corde lisse Aerial rope corde lisse Aerial silks Aerial silks Aerial silks Contortion

Show time: 15-30 minutes
No of artistes: 6-15

Wild is a dynamic fast moving Jungle themed circus show, which combines fantastic skill in the air with fast moving dynamic acrobatics. It is set to an upbeat sound track and is suitable for all ages.

The show combines different skills from the following dependant on the length of the show; birds of paradise performing a stunning routine, contorting and gliding through the air on aerial silks (tissue) suspended from a beautiful tropical flower; dramatic acrobatics, set to high energy African music with outstanding tumbles, amazing balances and infectious dance; the finale can include a Zebras performing on Corde Lisse rope for a dramatic routine and Web Spin.

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